2008 Faculty Survey Results

On March 12, 2008, the Faculty Development Committee distributed a survey at faculty assembly. Over the next several weeks, 77 faculty responded to survey, resulting in an 82% response rate. The 23 item survey contained three sections, 1) models for faculty development, 2) content preferences, and 3) open-ended questions. Survey results suggested that although the current offerings were helpful to some faculty, we needed to change the format and content of faculty development to appeal to a larger number of faculty.

The majority of faculty are interested in developing research projects and attending professional conferences. MNU faculty expressed a desire to integrate faith and learning, meet students’ needs, and continue to grow in their understandings of scholarly content. Faculty offered many recommendations, highlighting the need to change the format, the curriculum, and the participants of faculty development activities.

View the narrated PowerPoint for complete coverage of the survey results: FacDevSurvey.ppsx