Bibliography of Portfolios

Academic Disciplines

Baeten, M., Dochy, F., & Struyven, K. (2008). Students’ approaches to learning and assessment preferences in a portfolio-based learning environment. Instructional Science, 36(5/6), 359-374., doi:10.1007/s11251-008-9060-y
Baeten et al.pdf

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Blair et al.pdf

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This paper presents the use of electronic portfolios as comprehensive assessment measures in business. It is a must-read if you plan to use portfolios for program assessment : Buzzetto-More & Alade.pdf
Buzzetto-More, N. & Ayodele, A. (2008). The Pentagonal E-Portfolio Model for Selecting, Adopting, Building, and Implementing an E-Portfolio. Journal of Information Technology Education, 7, 45-70.

In this study, portfolios are used in large communication classes: Communication2.pdf
Authentic portfolio assessment in the communication classroom: Two studies exploring the use of application essays as an effective tool for assessing instruction in the basic course. Paper presented at the National Communication Association.

This research studied the advantages and disadvantages of portfolio with art education students: Dikici.pdf
Dikici, A.(2009). An application of digital portfolio with the peer, self and instructor assessments in art education. Eurasian Journal of Educational Research, 36, 91-108

This article is a qualitative action research study that explores the effects of Writing Across the Curriculum principles into the portfolio process: Elliot et al.pdf
Elliott, L., Daily, N. L., Fredricks, Graham, M. S. (2008). Transitioning from students to professionals: Using a writing across the curriculum model to scaffold portfolio development. The Teacher Educator, 43, 46--58.

This article provides indepth background on portfolios in higher education, examples from nursing
and journalism, and offers a conceptual model for portfolio assessment
: Habib & Witek.pdf
Habib, L. & Witek, L. (2007). The portfolio as artifact and actor. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 14(4), 266-282.

This indepth article discusses web-based portfolios in graduate education to meet standards: Herner-Patnode & Lee.pdf
Herner-Patnode, L. M., & Lee, H.-J. (2009). A Capstone Experience for Preservice Teachers: Building a Web-Based Portfolio. Educational Technology & Society, 12 (2), 101–110.

This article reviews the use of portfolio assessment in a capstone course: Kuisma.pdf
Kuisma, R. (2007). Portfolio assessment of an undergraduate group project. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 32(5), 557–569.

This article provides great background to portfolios and the benefits and challenges of paper portfolios for program assessment: Lombardi.pdf
Lombardi, J. (2008). To portfolio or not portfolio: Helpful or hyped? College Teaching, 56(1), 7-10.

This article discusses the beneftis of digital portfolios as marketing tools for communication majors
searching for jobs:
Nikirk, M. (December, 2008). Digital portfolios: Powerful marketing tool for communication students. Tech Directions, 13-15.

This article contains students' attitudes toward portfolios for reflection in undergraduate
medical courses:
Ozcakar et al.pdf
ÖZÇAKAR, N, MEVSIM, V, & GÜLDAL, D. (2009). Use of portfolios in undergraduate medical training:
First meeting with a patient. Trakya Univ Tip Fak Derg, 26(2):145-150.

This article contains a developmental table on reflection: Rickards et al.pdf
Rickards, W., Diez, M., Ehley, L., Guilbault, L., Loacker, G., Hart, J., et al. (2008). Learning, Reflection, and Electronic Portfolios: Stepping Toward an Assessment Practice. JGE: The Journal of General Education, 57(1), 31-50.

This articles provides a wonderful overview of the eportfolio community in higher education. It's a must read for faculty beginning the eportfolio journey.
Schaffhauser, D. (2009). Here, there, & everywhere. Campus Technology. Retrieved on December 11, 2009 from

This article is about the process of moving from paper-based portfolios to digital portfolios:
Woodward & Nanlohy.pdf
Woodward, H., & Nanlohy, P. (2004). Digital portfolios in pre-service teacher education. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 11(2), 167-178., doi:10.1080/0969594042000259475