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As a follow-up to Dr. Heie’s presentation on integrative questions, four faculty and Doug Henning gathered to discuss his presentation over coffee and pastries on February 9, 2009. The four faculty were Yorton Clark, Barth Smith, Lori Niles, and Judy Dunham.

Rodney Birch sent an integrative question for library services in an e-mail:

  • What is the ethical implication of the acquisition and use of information and information systems?

Yorton Clark presented the following question for an introductory business course:

  • Why should you study management? (Introductory question) Maturity question.
He said that ethics should be a key center to the approach to business and that the entire MBA curriculum is based on ethics.

Barth Smith offered this question:

  • Why study the Bible?
The group agreed that integrative questions should be posed thoughout a course of study, and Lori compared integrative questiosn to essential questions.

Doug Henning said that all aspects of a person's being influence the other – psychological, social, spiritual, biological.

The group suggested that integrative questions could be an organizing structure for curriculum development. They suggested a three-tiered model:

  1. Curricular Structure
  2. Course structure
  3. Daily lessons level

In issues of faith and learning, faith adds a depth of value. Lori mentioned that the new outcomes integrate faith and learning.