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G. Ann Schultis, Park University, presented an informational session on October 1, 2009, to interested faculty. Some of the main points of her presentation were as follows:
  • Fulbright's website address is www.cies.org
  • Mine the website to better understand the award system. There
  • Fulbright grant 800 awards each year.
  • Two of the key criteria for becoming a successful Fulbright scholar are the ability to plan ahead and flexibility.
  • The next award cycle is for the year 2011-12; application materials due on August 2010.
  • The application process is completely online.
  • Fulbright awards cover living expenses for the scholar and his/her family.

Two copies of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar's Program manual are on reserve in the library. the manual is subdivided into listings of awards by
  • world area/country,
  • disciplines,
  • "all discipline" awards,
  • and awards to professionals.

Faculty may check out the manual for one week.

If you are interested in going to a Nazarene college or seminary, it may be possible to be awarded a Fulbright scholarship!
  • In many countries with Nazarene institutions of higher learning, the Fulbright manual states that candidates must "arrange their affiliation," which means there is a possibility of teaching/researching in a Nazarene school. For example, Guatemala, Trinidad, Lebanon, and Indonesia list this stipulation.
  • Africa Nazarene University (www.anu.ac.ke) is listed as a possible location in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • In addition, Daystar University, the largest Christian university in Africa is listed in the manual. Daystar is also located in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Many developing countries accept applications from "all disciplines."

In the past, we have had several MNU faculty receive these awards. If you are interested, please check out a manual and contact Judy Dunham. The Faculty Development Committee can most likely provide a mentor (former award winner) to facilitate the application process.

Participants at informational meeting on Oct. 1, 2009: Linda Alexander, Terry Baldridge, Judy Dunham, Todd Hiestand