January 4-10, 2010

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm

Mabee Library

MNU is privileged to host a Grantsmanship Training Workshop. This workshop is a perfect source of professional deveopment for the novice grantseeker to the expert greantseeker. Over the course of this workshop, you will have the opportunity to develop a full proposal, have it reviewed, and review other teams' proposals. This feedback loop will give you a unique perspective into developing a proposal and what grantmakers are looking for when they review proposals.

The learning outcomes and workshop agenda are in the attached brochure: TGCI Brochure.pdf

If you would like to attend, please discuss this opportunity with your department chair. Upon receiving his/her approval, go to the following website to register:http://www.tgci.com/gtpregister.asp

The website requires a P.O. to complete your registration. Print out your registration details and attach it to a check request. Submit the check request through the business office. The Grantsmanship Center must receive your payment within 10 days of your online registration.

Total registration for this workshop is limited to 30 participants.

We are inviting the KC nonprofit community to participate in this workshop, so register ASAP.

Upon registering, Whitney Mathers will receive notification from The Grantsmanship Center. If you have questions regarding the content of the Grantsmanship workshop, please contact Whitney Mathers (X3374). If you have questions about how to pay for your registration, please contact Dr. Steve Ragan.

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